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Extreme flexibility and limitless expandability. Modular Type Multi-purpose Automated Fabrication Machine SmartFAB

Generally, odd-form parts are inserted by hand because there are issues concerning what packaging to use and limitations on the part size that can be handled using SMT machines. However, there are problems in which manual insertion processes cause variations in quality and work time. Because of this, the demand for automation is increasing.

sFAB-D, the multi-purpose automated fabrication machine, flexibly supports various part sizes, shapes, and supply packages, from leaded parts to large odd-form parts. It automates insertion processes that are performed manually, providing stable quality and production.

  • Significantly saves parts from discarding
    Unique functions to adjust for variations in production lots and part tolerances contribute to a significant reduction in the amount of discarded parts
  • No insertion defects
    Insertion checks and direction checks prevent insertion defects
  • Adjust for variations in panels on the machine
    Even if defective insertion arises from poor accuracy of manufacturing insertion holes, on-machine editing enables users to check where insertion holes are and correct the insertion position on the spot
  • Unparalleled versatility for handling any parts
    Change configuration by units – heads, feeders, and tray units – so that production can be changed quickly to suit to next models
  • Automating work before insertion
    Manual insertion stages require a lot more work than just insertion. Making this stage efficient leads to the reduction of a significant amount of work.
  • Automating the insertion of parts with a high degree of difficulty
    Leads are corrected to make it possible to insert parts for which insertion was determined to not be possible by vision processing due to poor lead size accuracy. Parts with poor size accuracy such as coils and transformers that were previously difficult to handle can be inserted automatically.
  • Unparalleled part support range
    Because the sFAB-D can handle large and heavy parts unlike other insertion machines, a wider range of placement applications can be automated with fewer variations of work quality and less time required to complete production. Part sizes: Up to 200 x 200 mm, height 75 mm, weight 200 g
  • Three special features for the insertion of parts
    Processing before and after insertion brings reliable, high-quality insertion.
    • Lead chucking Parts are held by leads. This keeps the lead pitch stable, which in turn leads to a reduction of discarded parts.
    • Cut and clinch
      Leads are cut and clinched from behind the panel, preventing inserted parts from falling and coming out.
    • Various lighting patterns and highly accurate vision processing
      Accurately imaging the tip of all leads ensures insertion with high accuracy, as well as checking for bent and missing leads.
  • Achieving full-scale automation step by step
    Even if starting small from the easiest processes to automate, with the highly scalable sFAB platform it is possible to step up to full automation through incremental investments.
  • Production management system
    sFAB-D uses the same integrated production system, Nexim, as FUJI`s SMT placement machines. This makes it possible to collect essential production information in a comprehensive way.
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