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> The collaborative robot is a type of robot that is designed to interact with human with close proximity in the same space. 

> The work setting for a traditional robot is usually behind a protective fence or with some safety measures to complete high-accuracy and high-speed tasks such as welding, spraying, palletizing and polishing. In order to assure personal safety, a series of safety measures are required when employing this type of robot, such as restricting its activity within the protective fence using the safety chain or limiting and pausing the work of the robot when a human is entering inside the protective fence.

> However, the working method of a collaborative robot is completely different. A collaborative robot is capable of directly working with the operational staff on the same production line, without the protective fence. As a result, this new and groundbreaking working mode has established a bridge between the fully manual and fully automatic production modes

Aerospace and National Defence

Integrated with CNC machine, EC-series collaborative robots reduce labor costs and improve productivity through unattended operations. In addition, various end effectors can be integrated with cobot arms to pick & place the objects with different dimensions to meet the production requirements of the aerospace and defense industries.

Auto Parts

From laser cutting machines to engine foundries, EC-series is capable of automating almost all stages of the automotive production line. Collaborative robots can be quickly deployed on existing production lines. Cobots are able to complete the tasks of material handling, assembly, testing, material removal and machine tending.

Food and Agriculture

EC-series can be used for food packaging, palletizing and complex picking operations. Modular, integrated joint design for collaborative cobots reduces dust and debris accumulation to maintain health and safety standards at production facilities.

3C Industry

3C industry is a rapidly changing industry, with new products constantly being launched to meet new demands. EC-series collaborative robots are used to help users quickly respond to order changes. On the one hand, the robot can ensure the consistency of quality, on the other hand, it can reduce the loss caused by the stop of production line by improving the flexibility of a single station.

Household and Home Appliances

EC-series collaborative robots are suitable for the labor-intensive household and home appliances industries. The cobot reduces the labor intensity of workers and is especially suitable for the transformation of old lines of traditional production lines. Without redeployment, users can deploy collaborative robots in a single work station to progressively realize automation and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Metal and Machining

The metal and machining industries are a suitable scenario for collaborative robots because of the risks involved and the slow pace of production. Users do not need to install external equipment. Through I/O communication, collaborative robots can communicate with processing equipment such as lathes and milling machines. Robots can replace existing manpower, reduce risks for employees and improve factory efficiency.


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